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Who We Are

We are a London based musculoskeletal and sports injury specialist with clinics in Kensington (Sprint Physio - and Knightsbridge (Urban Physio - For over a decade we have rehabilitated professional and amateur sports persons back to peak fitness. Injuries are not just caused on playing fields but at homes and work places. In pain? Get in touch.


What We Do

Apart from the traditional manipulation techniques we also offer many different services to compliment and aid in a quicker recovery process. Sports massage, acupuncture, taping, cupping and pilates in our in-house gym. We have worked with vast number of consultants over the years. Need a recommendation? Get in touch.


What We Treat

Our team are able to treat an array of sports and non-sports related conditions. Post-surgery rehabilitation, Golfer & Tennis elbows, Whiplash, Headaches, Postural problems, Back & Neck pain, Foot & Ankle pain Pelvic & Coccyx pain, Repetitive Strain injury (RSI)...

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